As we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality, manually made social signals from aged accounts we wanted to highlight the differences between high quality and low quality social signals.

Beware, not all social signals are created equal.

At a quick glance, a social signal can look the same even if it’s high quality or low quality, for example a like from a Facebook user, or a a Twitter user tweeting about you. However, as social signals can be very powerful used the correct way, the search engines are looking for unnatural / fake signals and in light of how Google has reacted to backlinks found to be used to manipulate them (ie Penguin penalties that destroy your SEO rankings), it’s pretty safe to assume that if you are found to have such unnatural, low quality signals then nothing positive will come from it.

An example of low quality signals

So you decide to purchase 1000 cheap likes on Facebook or a similar type of offer. Once this is finished this is the type of signal the search engines are likely to see…dislike

  •  All accounts were recently made and at the same time
  • The accounts have no other friends or very few who don’t look “real” ie those friends are not interacting on Facebook how the normal real user would behave
  • The accounts only link out to your site, or other businesses so are obviously being used for business manipulation
  • Signals are created used bot / software which leaves massive footprints for the search engines and social sites to find and take action against

An example of our high quality signals


  • We create realistic amounts of signals spread randomly over the month
  • Each account is aged for at least 6 months before it points to any business website
  • Each account interacts multiple times per week with real users,
  • Each account makes real friends
  • Each account comments about real new events
  • The account profiles are edited, just like how a real user would
  • Signals are created by hand every single time

So with our high quality signals, they send a pure signal that everything is real, and everything is done by hand using proxy services with each account having its own dedicated ip address. This not only gives you maximum power, removes the risks associated with poor quality signals, it also protects from the accounts linking to you from being removed, for example, even the BBC are commenting about Facebook removing fake fans (see the article here).